Glass pictures

Glass paintings are made with the technique of melting glass, i.e. glass fusion. Merging colour and clear glass is carried out by a technique called layering; moreover, a product work is often enriched with gold-plated or platinum layer.
Focus is given on the detail, the relationship; the themes are found in the world that surrounds us, in particular nature.
I am interested in the relationship of man to the environment, the people and the interaction between them. A common motif is lace, which are a recognisable part of our cultural heritage and the pleasant promoter of nostalgia. Symbolism of the tree or tree with golden apples is of particular importance. The tree is a symbol of life, which is constantly evolving and rises towards the sky and is thus considered a symbol of the relationship between heaven and earth as its roots are firmly in the ground and its crown stretching towards the skyward. An apple has many meanings: it is also the fruit of immortality and wisdom and knowledge; if cut it provides a pentagram, which is one of the most powerful symbolic signs. In short, the key to the mystery.